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Hollywood has Fueled Anti-Americanism Abroad

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As America’s premier cultural export, Hollywood is lauded as a beacon of democracy and free expression around the world. But as its films increasingly portray themes of violence, overt sexuality, and condemnation of U.S. governance, Hollywood has become fodder for America’s enemies. Is Hollywood to blame for anti-Americanism abroad? 

The Debaters

For the motion

James Hirsen

New York Times best-selling author, commentator, news analyst and law professor

James is a pundit for and author of the popular weekly column “The Left Coast Report,” where he takes a humorous poke at the politics... Read More

Roger Kimball

Conservative Art Critic, Essayist and Social Commentator

Roger is managing editor, co-editor and co-publisher of the New Criterion magazine, a monthly review of the arts and intellectual life, and an art... Read More

Signe Wilkinson

Editorial Cartoonist for the Philadelphia Daily News

Signe is the author of One Nation, Under Surveillance, and the winner of the Pulitzer Prize for editorial cartooning in 1992. Her editorial cartoons... Read More

Against the motion

Robin Bronk

Executive Director of The Creative Coalition

The Creative Coalition is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, social and political advocacy organization for the arts and entertainment industry. She is dedicated... Read More

Robert Greenwald

Film Producer, Director and Political Activist

Robert's first feature documentary was Unprecedented: The 2000 Political Election (2002). Most recently he directed and produced Wal-Mart: The High... Read More

Richard Walter

Professor at UCLA, and a Writer of Fiction, Nonfiction, and Screenplays

Richard chairs the graduate program in screenwriting. His students enjoy great success at the studios and networks.Read More

Where Do You Stand?

For The Motion
  • Hollywood films portraying Americans as violent and morally deficient are used as anti-America propaganda abroad.
  • By vilifying corporate America in its films, Hollywood creates hostility toward American industry abroad.
  • Hollywood often condemns the American government and military as corrupt and immoral, giving license to global distrust of American leadership.
Against The Motion
  • Anti-Americanism is fueled by unpopular American policies and practices, not Hollywood movies.
  • While Hollywood films include themes of violence and immorality, these themes are common in entertainment around the world.
  • Hollywood serves as a global model for freedom of political and social expression, and thus fosters a positive image of American values abroad.


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