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Individuals and Organizations Have a Constitutional Right to Unlimited Spending on Their Own Political Speech

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  • Citizens United and the Restoration of the First Amendment
    Hans A. von Spakovsky, Heritage Foundation, February 27, 2010The right to engage in free speech--particularly political speech--and the right to freely associate are two of this nation's most important founding principles.
  • The Myth of Campaign Finance Reform
    Bradley Smith, National Affairs, Winter 2010The century-old effort to constrict the ways our elections are funded has, from the outset, put itself at odds with our constitutional tradition.
  • Symposium: The First Amendment’s Protection of Political Speech Extends to Both Donations and Spending
    Ilya Shapiro, SCOTUS Blog, April 3, 2014What kind of bizarro world do we live in where a near majority of Justices of the United States Supreme Court criticizes a First Amendment ruling for being overly concerned with “the individual’s right to engage in political speech”?
  • Why Buckley v. Valeo Is Basically Right
    Eugene Volokh, Symposium on the Federal Election Laws, Arizona State University, based on remarks on February 16, 2001Independent expenditures must remain constitutionally protected; campaign contributions may be restricted. Lots of people on both sides dislike this result, but despite twenty-seven years of criticism, it remains surprisingly persuasive.
  • Three Things You Don’t Know About Money in Politics
    Trevor Burrus, Cato Institute, April 11, 2014The First Amendment exists to protect political speech of all types, including, and especially, ‘wrong’ speech.

  • The Pro-Money Court: How the Roberts Supreme Court Dismantled Campaign Finance Law
    David Earley and Avram Billig, Brennan Center for Justice, April 2, 2014The Supreme Court's McCutcheon v. FEC decision further increases the influence of big money in elections. But McCutcheon is just the latest in a long string of cases weakening campaign finance rules.
  • The Most Expensive Seat in the House: The State of Our Campaign Finance System
    Testimony of Monica Youn, Brennan Center for Justice, April 18, 2012The corrosive effects of super PACs and similar failures of disclosure, coordination, and enforcement policy threaten to undermine the integrity of our electoral officials and the citizens’ faith in our electoral system.
  • Fixing Citizens United
    Geoffrey Stone, Huffington Post, June 12, 2012Any intelligent person following American politics these days should be deeply distressed by the ever-growing role of big money in our electoral process.
  • Don’t Blame ‘Corporate Personhood’
    Garrett Epps, The American Prospect, April 16, 2012Citizens United decimated what remained of campaign-finance reform, but the damage has been long in the making.