“It's a real public service to have debates that bring top-tier participants together and add the sizzle of prize fight competition to a discussion of issues of first-order importance.”

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Ban College Football

From the Panel

  • For: Buzz Bissinger

    Open Secrets
    Buzz Bissinger, Daily Beast, November 13, 2011 It isn’t just Penn State. College Sports are a mess. It’s time to sideline them.
  • Good Riddance, Joe Paterno
    Buzz Bissinger, Daily Beast, November 10, 2011 The entire Penn State coaching staff, too much under the influence of Paterno, should go. And so, frankly, should major college football and basketball as it exists now, rotten beyond repair, as has been pointed out a thousand times.
  • NFL Kicks Off New Season With New Safety Rules
    Alan Schwartz and. Buzz Bissinger with Neal Conan, Talk of the Nation September 8, 2011 A growing body of evidence showing that concussions and head injuries can lead to brain damage and early onset of dementia has led to NFL rules changes meant to reduce risk. Schwartz argues that they will help to reduce those injuries, while Bissinger argues that they change the nature of the game.
  • Time to Kill Miami Football
    Buzz Bissinger, Daily Beast, August 18, 2011 Allegations that University of Miami athletes were provided cash and hookers should trigger the death penalty at a school that’s become a national disgrace.
  • NFL Playoffs: Why Football Needs Violence
    Buzz Bissinger, Daily Beast, January 17, 2011 Violence is not only embedded in football; it is the very celebration of it. It is why we like it. Take it away, continue efforts to curtail the savagery, and the game will be nothing, regardless of age or skill.
  • The Daily Beast
    Buzz Bissinger Read Bissinger’s column on the Daily Beast.

  • For: Malcolm Gladwell

  • Head Games
    Malcolm Gladwell interview with Katy Waldman, Slate, May 1, 2012 Why Malcolm Gladwell will argue that college football should be banned at the Slate/Intelligence Squared live debate on May 8 in New York City.
  • Offensive Play
    Malcolm Gladwell, New Yorker, October 19, 2009 At the core of the research on chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a progressive neurological disorder found in people who have suffered some kind of brain trauma, is a critical question: is the kind of injury being uncovered incidental to the game of football or inherent in it?
  • Ask the Author Live
    Malcolm Gladwell, New Yorker, October 14, 2009 Gladwell answers readers’ questions about his article, “Offensive Play,” in a live chat.
  • Gladwell-Simmons III
    Malcolm Gladwell and Bill Simmons, ESPN.com, December 18, 2009 An email exchange between Gladwell and Simmons.
  • Against: Tim Green

  • Dancing with the Devil
    Tim Green, Chicago Tribune, September 9, 2011 A football player is like a good dog. He will run until it kills him. Inside this world of football that others frivolously call a game, this comes as no surprise.
  • The Big Time
    Tim Green, HarperKids, August 10, 2010 Author and former NFL player Tim Green talks about his book, The Big Time.
  • In the Huddle with Tim
    Tim Green, HarperCollins Children’s, August 18, 2011 Green talks about sports and writing—5 video links—Sports and Action, Drawing on Personal Experiences, Exploring the Negative Side of Sports, Writing for Young Readers, and Similarities Between Writing and Sports.

  • Against: Jason Whitlock

  • Admit Amateurism Is a Sham
    Jason Whitlock, Room for Debate, New York Times, March 13, 2012 At this point, with the N.C.A.A. addicted to its multibillion-dollar television contracts, reemphasizing the “collegiate” part of the N.C.A.A. Tournament is the equivalent of Hugh Hefner reemphasizing virginity.
  • Ending Bounties Won’t End Violence
    Jason Whitlock, FOXSports.com, March 23, 2012 As long as football allows tackling and blocking, you’re never going to stop the best football players from tapping into their darkest real or imagined memories. You can stop the bounties, you can unfairly criminalize a good kid for unveiling his rage two minutes early, but you can’t stop the barbaric violence. The game dies without it.
  • Good Samaritans Save Football Program
    Jason Whitlock, FOXSports.com, February 29, 2012 A community college football program that services 70-80 kids a year on a $110,000 annual budget had been marked for death. The efforts of a Silicon Valley executive helped to save it.
  • Can’t Be Shocked by Miami Mess
    Jason Whitlock, FOXSports.com, August 17, 2011 The people who believe there’s a kernel of integrity in NCAA-mandated shamateurism, the people reluctant to accept what television and its money and fame have done to college athletics, need programs like The U.
  • Penn St. Scandal Should Force Paterno Out
    Jason Whitlock, FOXSports.com, November 8, 2011 There should be no surprise that protecting Joe Paterno, Penn State, Happy Valley and Linebacker U — profit-generating institutions at the core of big-time college athletics’ amateur myth — appears to have taken precedence over the protection of children.
  • Tressel Product of Flawed System
    Jason Whitlock, FOXSports.com, May 31, 2011 It should come as no surprise that in 2011, even with big-time college athletics grotesquely sick with corruption incubated by the lie of amateurism, no major media outlet will mount a serious, consistent call for an overhaul of NCAA rules. We owe our existence to the exploitation of shamateur football and basketball players. We must support the lie.
  • Fox Sports
    Jason Whitlock, August 18, 2011 Read more from Jason Whitlock on FOXSports.com.

Articles For & Against

  • For The Motion

  • The Shame of College Sports
    Taylor Branch, Atlantic, October 2011 The real scandal is the very structure of college sports, wherein student-athletes generate billions of dollars for universities and private companies while earning nothing for themselves. Here, a leading civil-rights historian makes the case for paying college athletes—and reveals how a spate of lawsuits working their way through the courts could destroy the NCAA.
  • Confessions of an Agent
    George Dohrmann, Sports Illustrated, October 18, 2010 This story includes the names of 30 former college football players who are alleged to have taken money or some other extra benefit in violation of NCAA rules. The primary source of these allegations is Josh Luchs, who has been a certified NFL agent for 20 years. 
  • Against The Motion

  • Malcolm Gladwell, Ted Johnson, and Why Football Isn’t Like Dogfighting
    Mike Gleason, Bleacher Report, October 23, 2009 Personal responsibility has been under attack in our society for quite some time. Banning or forcibly reforming football, would represent an unwarranted infringement on the public's right to self-determination.
  • Do Sports Build Character or Damage It?
    Mark Edmundson, Chronicle of Higher Education, January 15, 2012 Do sports build character? For those of us who claim to be educators, it's important to know. Physical-education teachers, coaches, boosters, most trustees, and the balance of alumni seem sure that they do.
  • Ten Reasons to Embrace College Football After a Year of Scandal
    Stewart Mandel and Andy Staples, SI.com August 9, 2011 While the issues plaguing the sport aren't going away, it's worth reminding ourselves that nearly all the recent scandals -- the tattoos, the agents, the bowl junkets and the cover-ups -- were indictments of the system, not the sport. Strip away the commercialism and the corruption and nearly all the same components that made fans fall in love with this crazy game to begin with remain.

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