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Prohibit Genetically Engineered Babies

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  • For: Sheldon Krimsky

  • Cloning and Human Genetic Manipulation
    Council for Responsible GeneticsBackground materials on genetic manipulation from the Council for Responsible Genetics. Sheldon Krimsky is chair of the board of directors.
  • Understanding Genetics With Sheldon Krimsky
    Sheldon Krimsky, The Tech MuseumKrimsky discusses the necessity of a Genetic Bill of Rights, a basic set of principles essential for creating a framework for understanding the ethical, legal, and social and environmental implications of biotechnology.
  • Genetic Explanations: Sense and Nonsense
    Sheldon Krimsky and Jeremy Gruber, Harvard University Press, 2013In this book, Krimsky and Gruber look at the role of genes within a broad developmental context.

  • For: Lord Robert Winston

  • My Bright Idea: Robert Winston
    Robert Winston interview with Robin McKie, Observer, February 27, 2010Winston tells us why it’s important to check out the dark side of inventions.
  • IVF Professor Warns Against Genetic Engineering
    Robert Winston interview with Ali Moore, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, December 7, 2007Winston warns against the potential dangers of genetic engineering and the risks of taking technology too far.
  • Ethics Are Not Written in Stone
    Robert Winston interview with Elissa Jobson, GlobalWinston talks to Global about a wide range of issues relating to medical ethics from the sale of organs to the use of embryonic stem cells to the value of patents and the compatibility of religion and science.
  • Genetic Screening of Unborn Babies 'May Be Inaccurate'
    Nick Collins, Telegraph, June 7, 2012New tests for genetic screening of unborn babies will not be 100 per cent accurate and may scare parents into believing their children will be born with a disability when they are healthy, Lord Robert Winston warns.
  • GM Catastrophe Warning
    Rin Simpson, Wales Online, May 31, 2007Genetic modification could be the greatest threat humanity faces, according to renowned fertility expert Robert Winston.


  • FOR

  • Genetically Modified Humans? No Thanks
    Richard Hayes, Washington Post, April 15, 2008New human genetic technologies have real potential to help prevent or cure many terrible diseases, but these same technologies also have the potential for real harm.
  • The Case Against Perfection
    Michael Sandel, Atlantic, April 2004Gene therapy on somatic (that is, nonreproductive) cells, such as muscle cells and brain cells, repairs or replaces defective genes. The moral quandary arises when people use such therapy not to cure a disease but to reach beyond health, to enhance their physical or cognitive capacities, to lift themselves above the norm.
  • Prenatal Testing: A Double-Edged Sword Leading to Abortion
    Steven Ertelt, LifeNews.com, July 27, 2012While prenatal testing offers the opportunity to correct some abnormalities or to prepare to adjust to others, it is unfortunately often utilized to screen for diseases and abort unborn children who are deemed defective.
  • Is Ethical Human Genetic Enhancement Possible?
    Alex Knapp, Forbes, September 15, 2011When we move beyond dealing with just one gene, and into enhancing more complex systems, we enter a different world of ethical and technical issues.
  • Designer Genes
    Bill McKibben, Orion, May/June 2003Lured by the prospect of making better babies, we stand on the threshold of changing forever what it means to be human.
  • Warning: Genetically Modified Humans
    Zaria Gorvett, Scientific American Blogs, October 4, 2012Screening foetal genomes to eliminate genetic ‘defects’ may lead to incremental changes in the human genetic reservoir, a permanent shift in our characteristics and eventually, self-domestication.