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  • Why Should We Restrict Immigration?
    Bryan Caplan, Cato Journal, Winter 2012Proponents of immigration restrictions have to show why, moral appearances notwithstanding, immigration restrictions are morally justified. They fail to do so.
  • My Path to Open Borders
    Bryan Caplan, Open Borders: The Case, January 2, 2013A guest post by Bryan Caplan, one of the most influential voices in the economics blogosphere supportive of open borders.
  • Open Borders in 4 Easy Steps
    Bryan Caplan, Econlog, February 17, 2013Opening statements for an immigration debate.
  • Immigration Restrictions: A Solution in Search of a Problem
    Bryan Caplan, The Economist, June 22, 2007Instead of excluding immigrants from the labor market, impose a surtax on immigrants’ earnings, and use the proceeds to compensate the natives who compete with them.
  • Bryan Caplan
    Open Borders: The CaseLinks to video , audio, and writings by Caplan on the subject of open borders.


  • Skilled Immigration and Economic Growth
    Vivek Wadhwa, AnnaLee Saxenian, Ben Rissing and G. Gereffi, Applied Research in Economic Development, 2008The authors’ research confirms that advanced education in STEM fields is correlated with high rates of entrepreneurship and innovation among both immigrant and U.S.-born founder populations.
  • An Outflow of Talent: Nativism and the U.S. Reverse Brain Drain
    Vivek Wadhwa, Harvard International Review, June 23, 2009The current generation of foreign students at U.S. universities will likely return home faster and in greater numbers than any generation of foreign students in recent decades.
  • We Need Smarter, Not Fewer, H-1B Visas
    Vivek Wadhwa, Bloomberg Businessweek, May 11, 2009To put up walls that block the best and brightest from coming to America is bad policy in both the short and the long term.
  • The Global Education Race
    Vivek Wadhwa, TechCrunch, September 19, 2010Protectionism in education is actually a global ill.


  • FOR

  • Economics and Emigration: Trillion-Bills on the Sidewalk?
    Michael Clemens, Journal of Economic Perspectives, Summer 2011What is the greatest single class of distortions in the global economy? One contender for this title is the tightly binding constraints on emigration from poor countries.
  • Immigration: An Opportunity for the European Union
    Natalia Macyra, ECIPE, 2012Closing borders to protect national production and people from imports and competences from abroad have become a worrying undercurrent in many parts of the European Union. Yet immigration is crucial for European competitiveness and economic growth.
  • If People Could Immigrate Anywhere, Would Poverty Be Eliminated
    Shaun Raviv, The Atlantic, April 26, 2013Some economists are pushing for ‘open borders.’
  • Let Their People Come: Breaking the Gridlock on Global Labor Mobility
    Lant Pritchett, Center for Global Development, September 12, 2006Pritchett highlights the difficult political and ethical issues that the movement of people across national borders presents to the current system and proposes greater use of temporary worker permits, permit rationing, reliance on bilateral rather than multilateral agreements, and protection of migrants' fundamental human rights.
  • The Case for Open Immigration: A Q&A with Philippe Legrain
    Melissa Lafsky interviews Philippe Legrain, Freakonomics, October 17, 2007It is abhorrent that the rich and the educated are allowed to circulate around the world more or less freely, while the poor are not — causing, in effect, a form of global apartheid.
  • Open Borders: The Case
    For a comprehensive reading list of pro-open borders materials, visit this link.

  • Immigration
    George Borjas, The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics, 2nd EditionAlthough it is unclear that U.S. natives benefit from immigration on net, immigration does induce a sizable redistribution of wealth—away from competing workers and toward Americans who hire or use immigrant-provided services.
  • A Libertarian Argument Against Open Borders
    John Hospers, Journal of Libertarian Studies, Summer 1998Is the freedom of open borders for immigrants brought about at the expense of the freedom of those who are not.
  • Outward Bound
    The Economist, September 26, 2002The loss of the skilled and educated may do more harm than emigration in general. These particular people create new jobs for others. Their departure removes the stabilizing political influence of a middle class.
  • The Fallacy of Open Immigration
    Stephen Cox, LewRockwell.comDespite all the talk about the economic contributions of unskilled labor, few unskilled immigrants contribute anything equal to what they extract from the unwilling taxpayer.
  • Open Borders: The Case
    For a comprehensive reading list of anti-open borders materials, visit this link.