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A matter of life and death.

By John Donvan — May 04, 2014

The debate that affects us ALL.


Died and Gone to Heaven?

Then, as far as you're concerned, there is no debate about what we're debating on Wednesday. Which is, what science has to say -- or not say -- about the existence of an afterlife.

Many of us are counting on there being such a place. But we do so as a matter of faith, not as a matter of really knowing for sure.

But our debate is premised on claims by some well-credentialed men of science and philosophy who claim that there is, today, a persuasive scientific argument to be made that, well, death is not final.

And that, by the way, is our motion: "Death is Not Final."

One of those arguing FOR the motion, says he has been to the other side. His opponents have their doubts. Or perhaps, better put, their certainties, that he has to be wrong. Of course, if you've died and gone to heaven, this is all old news for you. Still, you might consider coming by the debate, for old times' sake.

We're sold out, but you can watch the live stream on Wednesday, May 7th at 6:45 PM ET HERE.

And if you've died and gone to that other place, I know, I know, the Wi-Fi is hell down there, but you might try clicking in too. Seriously, at this point, do you really have anything to lose?


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John Donvan, Moderator
Intelligence Squared U.S. Debates



Proof of Heaven: A Doctor's Experience with the Afterlife
Death is not the end of consciousness but rather a chapter in a vast, and incalculably positive, journey.
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Physics and the Immortality of the Soul
Among advocates for life after death, nobody even tries to sit down and do the hard work of explaining how the basic physics of atoms and electrons would have to be altered in order for this to be true.
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