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Do We Need To Be More Like China?

By John Donvan — May 11, 2012

like china blog picReading into the research for our next debate —"China Does Capitalism Better than America" — I'm seeing what this motion really asks: "Since China is growing faster than us, does that mean we need to be more like China?" Hm. A "yes" answer would pretty much turn on its head every assumption we make about ourselves as Americans -- namely, that we're the model for the rest of the world; that capitalism is "ours"; that maybe, just maybe, a little authoritarianism is a good thing

I note that last week China held a jobs fair in the U.S. looking for American pilots, and experienced pilots are signing — because they see more opportunity there than here. Pretty radical. But there is also a strong argument that China's current role cannot last — that their banking practices, for one thing, are setting them up for a big fall.

Check out what I'm reading, both for and against the motion.


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  • Comment Link Scott Friday, 24 August 2012 21:12 posted by Scott

    I just listened to this debate and was surprised (or maybe not) that no mention was made of labor unrest in China, nor the Occupy Wall Street movement in the U.S. Surely, both movements have had, and will continue to have an effect on the economies of both countries. The debate among many not represented by anyone on either side of the stage is whether capitalism is even the best system to continue to purpetuate, given the increasing gap between the rich and poor in both countries. But I don't suppose the supporters of this TV show are very anxious to see that debate.

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