“From wherever you stood, the opposing side offered respectable, credible views. In today's fractured culture the evening struck a blow for civility.”

- The Huffington Post

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For? Against? Undecided? How Your Vote Works Online

By IQ2US Staff — September 26, 2012

Ever miss the debate, but wish you could vote anyway? Looking to compare how online audiences voted vs. live audiences?


Check out our new online voting options on past and upcoming debates – they were customized for Intelligence Squared U.S. by Unfold, a new website which allows users to browse multiple opinions on today's most talked about issues. A visit to Unfold can tell you what percentage of newspapers report on political positions – for instance, if Paul Ryan was a good pick for VP–  and their reasoning.

Unfold collects all the expert opinions from respected sources to give you a more comprehensive picture of a debate. It's a quick way to get up to speed on any issue in the news. And Unfold doesn't ever take sides, the point is to provide you with easy access to a range of viewpoints to allow you to decide for yourself – a model that excites us at Intelligence Squared U.S.!  Register at www.unfold.com.

Like us, Unfold feels that engaging opinions can be a smart way to understand what matters in the world.


About Unfold: Unfold is a startup based in Los Angeles founded by Anshul Amar and Dan Visel. Anshul is a programmer who has previously developed algorithms to improve healthcare outcomes; while he was building online tools for the 2008 Obama campaign he realized that there was a need for new ways to keep track of debates happening across the country. Dan was a researcher at the Institute for the Future of the Book, where he helped develop software for enhancing electronic books. Pay attention to what they're doing.  


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