“From wherever you stood, the opposing side offered respectable, credible views. In today's fractured culture the evening struck a blow for civility.”

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Post-Debate: The Rich Are Taxed Enough

By IQ2US Staff — October 29, 2012

This past Wednesday's debate makes three for three sell-outs for our current season at NYC's Kaufman Center. With the upcoming election, the debate topic "The Rich Are Taxed Enough," was a passionate issue for many of the attending guests. And at a post-debate dinner at Boulud Sud, many guests echoed that this debate was one to remember.

At the dinner, moderator John Donvan, who during the debate navigated the difficult task of corralling impassionaed audience questions, praised the performances of the debate winners Robert Reich and Mark Zandi, and their oppoinents Glenn Hubbard and Arthur Laffer: "They all came to fight and have fun...It would be easy to make this a Romney vs. Obama issue, but the debaters avoided doing so."
Edward Stern, founder of Hartz Capital, called the debate "very good...very spirited" while Jesse Greene, Senior Fellow at The Richman Center, commented on the timeliness of the night's topic with Election Day less than two weeks away: "This is a point that we're all debating within our own heads right now." Richard Richman, founder of The Richman Group, said the debate was fantastic, entertaining , and informative...the debaters came in wanting to have fun and I want to give credit to everyone who was involved in picking them to speak tonight."

Over dinner and dessert, Zandi praised the structure of the IQ2 debate series saying it "shows we can debate in a civil way and that we can ultimately learn from each other."

 Photos below.


1349 IMG 1055

Robert Rosenkranz, Richard Richman and Mark Zandi

1350 IMG 1056

John Donvan and Van Greenfield

1354 IMG 1062

Jesse Greene

1357 IMG 1069

Alexandra Munroe and Robert Reich

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  • Comment Link Fritzie Borgwardt Wednesday, 31 October 2012 01:48 posted by Fritzie Borgwardt

    I am not an economist, so correct me if I am wrong. We "expand the tax base" because suddenly more people will have jobs if and when Romney wins? Why? Because the rich are taxed enough? I do not see where these new jobs come out of that formula. In fact, it seems to me that business owners who lose tax credits for starting up new businesses and deducting their losses will become MORE cautious with loopholes eliminated, not less so. Why is it that no one challenges these ..."When more people have jobs..." statements? If trickle down did not work before, why now then? It seems to me the economy and jobs have nothing much to do with who is elected, especially if his hands are tied by an uncooperative Congress. The economy is crippled more by demographics, greed, and the fact that it is based on an unsustainable model. There is nothing else to vote for or against.
    There are no new ideas. I think that's up to the rest of us.
    Is there an "invisible hand" at work in editorial circles keeping the real issues out of public discourse?

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