“From wherever you stood, the opposing side offered respectable, credible views. In today's fractured culture the evening struck a blow for civility.”

- The Huffington Post

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Let Anyone Take a Job Anywhere?

What If...

October 30, 2013

Tonight, we are debating a "what if."  Sometimes we do that. more

Special Podcast: Gridlock in Washington

Special Podcast: The Two-Party System

October 14, 2013

In the face of a government shutdown affecting millions of Americans, we ask again: is the two-party system making America ungovernable? more

Break Up The Big Banks

What’s your TBTF?

October 09, 2013

Acronym world can be a mysterious place. more

Special Podcast Release on Obamacare

Special Podcast Release on Obamacare

October 02, 2013

Listen to our first retrospective, a podacst that sheds light on the debate surrounding Obamacare. more