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Recent Headlines

Recent Headlines

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The Christian Post
Leonardo Blair
13 January 2017

NEW YORK — Four law and order experts sparred in New York City Wednesday night over evidencebased data suggesting policing isn't racially biased in America and blacks do in fact commit more crimes than other racial groups.

Opposing the motion that "policing is racially biased," Harry Stern, managing principal for the law firm Rains Lucia Stern, stated "an uncomfortable but inescapable truth." "And here it is: black people commit more crime per capita than other groups."

77 WABC Radio: Podcasts – The Rita Cosby Show
The Brian Lehrer Show
10 January 2017

Listen to the segment:

The Washington Times
Dave Boyer
8 December 2016

As President Obama prepares to leave office without having destroyed the Islamic State, he’s selling the notion that U.S. intelligence agencies failed to warn him promptly about the rise of the terrorist group more than two years ago, an assertion raising howls of incredulity in some quarters.

Above the Law
Joe Patrice
8 December 2016

Or an “Article V convention to amend the Constitution,” to be more precise.


It’s sitting right there in the Constitution. A loophole to take big, important questions out of the hands of federal legislators and the tortured readings of 98 justices. Just call a convention to propose some amendments.


The Brian Lehrer Show
5 December 2016

Lawrence Lessig, activist, Harvard law professor, and author of Republic, Lost: The Corruption of Equality and the Steps to End It (Twelve, 2015), and Walter Olson, senior fellow at Cato Institute’s Center for Constitutional Studies, preview their debate over the wisdom of convening another Constitutional Convention.

Matt Dixon
15 November 2016

TALLAHASSEE - Florida's three-year redistricting legal challenge was part of a debate Monday over whether or not the redrawing of political lines is creating a more polarized political environment.


The event, sponsored by Intelligence Squared US, is part of non-partisan debate series that aims to "restore civility, reasoned analysis, and constructive public discourse to today's media landscape."
JD Heyes
8 November 2016

Americans were promised that the passage of the Affordable Care Act would usher in universal health coverage and lower healthcare costs. None of those promises have been kept, nor have several others that the law’s chief advocate, President Obama, made.


Drug costs have soared, and while that may not surprise many people, the reasons why drug costs are higher in the U.S. than most other developed nations likely will — and make you angry as well.


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