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Recent Headlines

Recent Headlines

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Jolene Creighton
22 March 2017

Each year, robots and artificially intelligence systems cause unemployment rates to increase as more and more jobs become automated. And when you stop to take a look, the numbers are harrowing.

Huffington Post
Vicki Cobb
2 March 2017

In 1988, Al Shanker, then president of the American Federation of Teachers, gave a speech that had been inspired by a visit to Germany where he visited a school run by teachers, who were free to experiment with new ideas and stayed with their classes for six years. Shanker talked about his vision of “charter” schools, which used public money to experiment with fresh ideas that could be transferred to public schools and improve education for all. What an opportunity! To establish innovative schools from scratch with enough money to get the job done!

Education Week
Sarah Tully
2 March 2017

Four experts faced off in a live debate Wednesday night on a range of issues that swirl around charter schools—whether for-profit schools work, what's best for student achievement, and if charters lead to innovation.

But the discussion came down to a simple question: Are charter schools overrated? And the audience's answer was "yes."

Steven A. Cook
27 February 2017

In late January, Saudi Arabia’s King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud a

Foreign Policy Association
Scott C. Monje
20 February 2017

Intelligence Squared U.S., or IQ2US, organizes a regular series of debates on issues of public concern and broadcasts them via livestreaming, NPR, YouTube, and podcasts.

The Weekly Standard
Jonathan V. Last
13 February 2017

I've known David Frum almost since I first came to Washington. A mutual friend of ours once described him thusly: "David is one of the handful of people in this town whose intellect is genuinely intimidating." That appraisal always struck me as pretty much correct.

Christian Science Monitor
Linda Feldmann
9 February 2017

After all, giving newly inaugurated presidents the opportunity to govern, and show what they can accomplish, is part of America's great democratic tradition. Even former President Barack Obama, no fan of Mr. Trump, urged forbearance in the early going.

“Let him make his decisions,” Mr. Obama said soon after the election.

Campus Reform
Jackson Richman
2 February 2017

George Washington University hosted a debate Wednesday night about whether or not President Donald Trump should be given a chance to govern in the Oval Office, and the con-side won a clear victory, at least with the live audience.

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