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Laura Ingraham: The center Isn't the answer for the GOP

Laura Ingraham: The center Isn't the answer for the GOP

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WASHINGTON, May 1, 2013 ? PBS'€™s program Intelligence Squared pitted The New York Times writer David Brooks and former Congressman Mickey Edwards against radio host Laura Ingraham and Faith & Freedom Coalition founder and chairman Ralph Reed. They argued the motion, '€œThe GOP Must Move to the Center or Die'€; Edwards and Brooks argued for the motion with Ingraham and Reed opposing.  

Brooks put forward two central arguments for moving towards the center: The first  was a scenario of a little girl from the inner city, with bad public schools, no father, and little social capital ? a child of '€œJulia,'€ perhaps ? who wants to exceed her given surroundings. Brooks argued that social mobility is the Republican Party'€™s founding principle, dating back to Lincoln, and that social mobility is dependent on government for a large share of Americans.