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Press Releases

Press Releases

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IQ2US Press Release
19 September 2016

On average, drug price increases are 6 times the rate of inflation and just in the past month, the makers of the EpiPen have come under heavy criticism for a recent hefty price increase. But how much is the pharmaceutical industry really to blame? Is the industry fleecing American consumers, or are steep drug prices a necessary by-product of an expensive research and approval process that yields life saving prescription drug interventions? On Thursday, October 13, America's premiere debate series Intelligence Squared U.S.

IQ2US Press Release
30 August 2016

This election cycle has seen large swaths of the electorate reject political and media establishment wisdom by backing the campaigns of outsider candidates--the most surprising result being the candidacy of Donald Trump. How did a businessman turned reality TV personality, with no political experience, capture the Republican ticket? Could it be the fault of the "elites" for pursuing policies that have failed to help the struggling working class? Or is this rise in populism the result of misplaced anger and extreme political polarization?

IQ2US Press Release
23 August 2016

Earlier this year, the Supreme Court issued a stay blocking the implementation of the Obama administration's much-debated "Clean Power Plan" (CPP). Widely considered a hallmark of President Obama's environmental legacy, the CPP was challenged by 29 states and leading business organizations who argue the risks of reducing carbon emissions - higher energy costs, slower economic growth, reduced employment, and lower business profits - are not worth the rewards. Does climate change require the actions outlined by the CPP, or is the EPA reaching too far?

IQ2US Press Release
18 August 2016

A lineup of REAL debates designed to inform voters on the most important election issues

IQ2US Press Release
30 June 2016

The presidential debates are broken. They tell voters almost nothing that can't be gathered from campaign ads and allow no time for depth, no payoff for nuance, no serious discussion of policy. They have been reduced to "gotcha" questions, personal attacks, uninformative soundbites, and rehearsed remarks. Intelligence Squared U.S. (IQ2US) has a solution: holding the debates in a rigorous format known as the "Oxford style".

IQ2US Press Release
12 May 2016

Some have criticized President Obama for expanding the imperial presidency by taking actions without consulting Congress: executive orders on immigration and Obamacare, and recess appointment of judges at home and the deployment of war powers against ISIS, drones, Libya, and more abroad. And in January a new president will take office who might desire the same executive authority.

IQ2US Press Release
6 April 2016

In the United States and abroad, hunters say they play a critical role in wildlife conservation, funding environmental preservation initiatives and participating in the ecosystem via controlled and humane hunts. But critics say that the idea that we should hunt endangered species to save them, whether via trophy hunts (ie Cecil the Lion) or targeting specific animals identified as dangerous to their species (like certain black rhinos), is barbaric.

IQ2US Press Release
8 March 2016

The auto industry, agriculture, the energy sector, and more all benefit from government subsidies: loans, tax breaks, regulation, and other preferences. Critics say that not only do these subsidies transfer wealth from taxpayers to corporations, they distort the markets and our economy. Proponents say government plays an important role in launching innovation, arguing that the Internet and space program might not have succeeded...

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