Majority in Sold-Out Intelligence Squared U.S. Audience Sides with Opposition

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By IQ2US Press Release — May 11, 2010

The sold-out crowd in New York heard four experts, each with strong policy and intellectual credentials, debate the motion “Obama’s Foreign Policy Spells America’s Decline.” Prior to the debate, 23% of the audience was in favor of the motion, 45 % were against it and 32% were undecided. When it was over, the side arguing against the motion carried the day with 34% of the audience supporting the motion, 58% rejecting it and a remaining 8% were undecided. The evening’s winning team, which debated against the motion included Bernard-Henri Lévy, the influential French philosopher and writer and Wesley Clark, retired General of the United States Army and a 2004 Candidate for President.

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