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Aspen Ideas Fest audience decides natural gas boom doing more harm than good

July 02, 2012

After an Oxford-style debate Sunday night, environmental attorneys Deborah Goldberg and Katherine Hudson convinced 15 percent of the audience here to change their minds about hydraulic fracturing.

Fracking Debate Discusses Pros and Cons Of Shale Gas Boom

July 04, 2012

A recent debate from Intelligence Squared U.S. examined the growing American shale gas boom and brought experts together to discuss the pros and cons of fracking.

Up Next for Debate: Carbon Costs

November 16, 2008

A sequel to the ballyhooed debate in 2007 over the motion that "Global Warming is Not a Crisis" has been scheduled in New York City in January, this time exploring a new premise: "Major Reductions in Carbon Emissions are Not Worth the Money." Those in favor of the motion (some additions may come, organizers say) will be the "skeptical environmentalist" Bjorn Lomborg; Philip Stott, the British biogeographer who has become a prominent critic of global warming worriers; and Peter W. Huber, the Manhattan Institute scholar, lawyer and mechanical engineer who has written that energy waste is unavoidable and beneficial.

The climate's just perfect for a debate

March 16, 2007

There couldn't be a better week to poke the hot- button issue of climate change. The past two days, the temperature in New York was crowding 70. By this morning - well, have you looked outside? Do not leave the house without your boots on.

Gore's Return - New York Sun Editorial

March 21, 2007

Vice President Gore returns this afternoon to the Senate in which he represented the Volunteer State and served, as vice president, as the tiebreaking vote. He will be testifying before the Committee on Environment and Public Works, which has scheduled a full committee hearing titled, "Vice President Al Gore's Perspective on Global Warming." With speculation afoot that Mr. Gore could yet enter the Democratic presidential field in 2008, his appearance will probably attract as much press attention as his appearance at the Oscars, which is to say, a lot.

Is combating climate change worth the cost?

January 13, 2009

It's a topic that is likely to come up more and more after President-elect Barack Obama moves into the White House next week.

Global Meltdown

August 01, 2007

In the intellectual equivalent of a pro-wrestling “smackdown,” two teams of combatants enter a plush, packed auditorium on the Upper East Side for a debate titled “Global Warming Is Not a Crisis,” staged by a group called Intelligence Squared U.S.

Standing the Heat - A Global Warming Face-Off

September 01, 2007

There’s no use arguing about it—global warming is an imminent catastrophe. At least that’s what the media-accredited experts keep telling us, and they aren’t shy about driving the point home. According to a headline in USA Today, the nation’s largest-circulation daily newspaper, “The debate’s over: Globe is Warming.” Apparently Rolling Stone has its own resident climatologist, who went a step further, declaring, “No serious scientist doubts that humans are warming up the planet.” The title of a 2006 Brookings Institution working paper is “Case Closed: The Debate Over Global Warming Is Over.”

Intelligence Squared Debates Ask: Can Clean Energy Drive America’s Economic Recovery?

March 08, 2011

In the latest round in America’s premier debate series, Intelligence Squared Debates (IQ2US), Bill Ritter, the former governor of Colorado, who established the state as a leader in renewable energy joins Kassia Yanosek, co-founder of the U.S. Partnership for Renewable Energy Finance support the motion while Robert Bryce, author of “Power Hungry: The Myths of ‘Green’ Energy and the Real Fuels of the Future” and Steven Hayward, author of “Almanac of Environmental Trends” oppose it.

Can the U.S. Build a Clean, Green Economic Machine?

March 08, 2011

Can cleaner sources of energy not only power our economy but also drive a recovery from the Great Recession? That's the question confronted by policymakers across the U.S.—and by debaters in the Intelligence Squared series hosted March 8 by New York University.

Carroll: Ritter Drubbed in Debate

April 01, 2011

With a $300,000 salary, Bill Ritter is paid way more than the average academic at Colorado State University. So the director of the Center for the New Energy Economy at CSU surely ought to know his stuff.

Back to Basics on Climate and Energy

February 23, 2010

This time, let’s start with Michael Crichton, whose name has been invoked quite often in the comment strings here and elsewhere by those challenging the science pointing to disruptive human-driven climate change... To understand his stance on greenhouse warming, it’s worth going back to the Intelligence Squared debate in Manhattan in 2007 on global warming.