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Debate: Death is not Final – #AfterDeath

By Dave Gamble — May 08, 2014

Now here is a really interesting (for me) debate from Intelligence squared. more

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This week on MOOCs, ep. 6

By Medium — May 07, 2014

Is it really a question of bricks vs clicks? In a debate at Columbia University, the question whether it would be bricks or clicks — in other words campus vs… more

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Live Science

Is There Life After Death? Watch Scientists Debate Tonight Online

By Bahar Gholipour — May 07, 2014

Is there life after death? This age-old question will be debated again tonight by a group of doctors and scientists, who will offer their take on the mystery of human… more

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Professor Makes Sure There’s No Disconnect in Her Online Program

By Jamaal Abdul-Alim — May 05, 2014

Beyond issues of retaining students, critics also raise concerns about whether online education provides effective ways to learn and whether it affords students the personalized attention they deserve. Those issues… more

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Chicago Tribune

CNN's flagship debate program is back ... again

By Eric Zorn — May 04, 2014

Those with an interest in invective-free debates among experts should check out the "Intelligence Squared" series at more

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