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Washington Times

Megyn Kelly but No Donald Trump at Fox News Forum

By Jennifer Harper — February 22, 2016

As mentioned previously, the tenth Republican debate looms Thursday — hosted by CNN and Telemundo, moderated by Wolf Blitzer and staged at the University of Houston in Texas. But there… more

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Wall Street Journal

We Need Better Presidential Debates

By Robert Rosenkranz and John Donvan — February 21, 2016

Prime-time presidential debates were a brilliant innovation of the 1960s, meant to inform voters and let them see the candidates in action. Their format, however, is due for an update.… more

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PBS Next Avenue

Is 78.8 Years Long Enough to Live?

By Deborah Quilter — February 05, 2016

How long should we live? Is the age of death for the average American (78.8) about right or should science continue trying to expand life expectancies? On February 3, that… more

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How Old Is Too Old? A Debate on Toying with the Human Life Span

By Eric Boodman — February 04, 2016

Should we toy with the human life span? As it turns out, four experts on that subject gathered in New York City on Wednesday to debate that very topic in… more

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Senior Planet

Is 78.8 Years a Long Enough Life?

By Senior Planet — February 02, 2016

With more and more money being funneled into the field, more health data being crunched and chances increasing that scientists will crack the aging code, it’s a good time to… more

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