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Business Insider

Geopolitical Expert Ian Bremmer on the Choices America Faces

By Elena Holodny — May 21, 2015

Q: You seemed to argue at an intelligence squared debate, that the US cannot be the world police anymore. How does this notion fit into your idea of an Indispensable… more

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We Can’t Afford to Take Free Speech for Granted

By Michael Rubin — May 21, 2015

[Greg] Lukianoff is not willing to throw up his arms and throw in the towel. He writes: I am constantly on the lookout for potential cures for this problem. Litigation… more

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Sentencing Law and Policy

Arguments Against Death Penalty Abolition Prevail in Great Intelligence Squared Debate

By Douglas A. Berman — April 26, 2015

I have long been a fan of the Intelligence Squared debate series, which I often hear on my local NPR station (and which too often leads me to stay in… more

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Plainville Citizen

Relax, It’s a Joke

By Charles Kreutzkamp — April 01, 2015

This April Fool’s week, I implore you to prank your friends, family, and even yourself in the best way possible: challenge a deeply-held belief. I highly recommend one of the… more

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Cato Institute

The Fatal Conceit of the “Right to be Forgotten”

By Julian Sanchez — March 17, 2015

Intelligence Squared hosted a lively debate last week over the so-called “Right to be Forgotten” embraced by European courts—which, as tech executive Andrew McLaughlin aptly noted, would be more honestly… more

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