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Washington Post

Intelligence Squared / FIRE Debate: College Students Should Be Allowed to Take Smart Drugs

By Nicholas Quinn Rosenkranz — November 01, 2015

Intelligence Squared US and the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) are embarking on a joint venture (that I am proud to have brokered), to present a series of… more

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Are China and the U.S.A. Long-Term Enemies?

By John Derbyshire — November 01, 2015

After taping this weekend’s Radio Derb, with its segments about U.S.-China tensions and geostrategy, I was browsing through my blog roll when I came across this at Steve Hsu’s site.… more

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China Daily

Sino-US Ties: Prospects for Cooperation not Confrontation

By Wang Honggang — October 29, 2015

In a debate held by "Intelligence Squared US", renowned international relations experts such as John J. Mearsheimer from the University of Chicago and former Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd debated… more

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Washington Post

‘Smart Pills’ for College Students: Would That Be Cheating?

By Nancy Szokan — October 26, 2015

Should students be allowed — or encouraged — to take “smart drugs” so they can get better grades? That will be the question on the table on Monday when the… more

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Epoch Times

Enemies? Frenemies? Debate on China-US Ties Concludes That War Isn’t Imminent

By Larry Ong — October 16, 2015

A former prime minister of Australia, a political science professor, and two senior members from United States-based think-tanks took turns at the lectern at a packed auditorium in Kaufman Music… more

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