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Washington Post

‘Smart Pills’ for College Students: Would That Be Cheating?

By Nancy Szokan — October 26, 2015

Should students be allowed — or encouraged — to take “smart drugs” so they can get better grades? That will be the question on the table on Monday when the… more

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Epoch Times

Enemies? Frenemies? Debate on China-US Ties Concludes That War Isn’t Imminent

By Larry Ong — October 16, 2015

A former prime minister of Australia, a political science professor, and two senior members from United States-based think-tanks took turns at the lectern at a packed auditorium in Kaufman Music… more

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Asia Society

Debate: Are the U.S. and China Long-Term Enemies?

By Josh Rosenfield — October 15, 2015

In a spirited Intelligence Squared U.S. debate on Wednesday night, Asia Society Policy Institute President Kevin Rudd and Kissinger Institute Director Robert Daly faced off with University of Chicago Professor… more

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The American Law Institute

Debate on Campus Assault Jurisdiction

By American Law Institute — September 21, 2015

On September 16, 2015, ALI members Stephen J. Schulhofer of New York University School of Law, Jeannie C. Suk of Harvard University Law School, and Michelle J. Anderson of City… more

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Harvard Crimson

In New York, Law School's Jeannie Suk Debates Title IX

By Andrew M. Duehren — September 18, 2015

Harvard Law School professor Jeannie C. Suk argued at a forum in New York this week that the criminal court system, not campus resources, should investigate and adjudicate cases of… more

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