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The New Republic

News Formats Change, But the Content Stays the Same

By Elspeth Reeve — June 02, 2015

I recently attended an Intelligence Squared debate over whether “smart technology is making us dumb.” Those who argued that it was said we’re too distracted by our phones to think… more

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PBS Next Avenue

Is Smart Technology Making Us Dumb? Take Our Poll.

By Deborah Quilter — June 01, 2015

I attended a recent Intelligence Squared debate at the Kaufman Center in New York City on this question: Does smart technology make us dumb? Two sets of panelists argued pro… more

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Is the Iran Deal Good for Us?

By Scott Johnson — May 30, 2015

Intelligence Squared US arranged one of its excellent debates on the upper West Side of Manhattan this week. The debate had as its subject the merits of President Obama’s pending… more

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American Thinker

Obama's Iran Deal is Good for America: A Debate

By Lauri B. Regan — May 30, 2015

On Tuesday evening, I attended a debate in New York City sponsored by Intelligence Squared U.S. focusing on whether or not Obama’s Iran deal is good for the country. (The… more

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Washington Post

How to Win the Iran Argument

By Jennifer Rubin — May 29, 2015

In the heart of blue America — New York City — Mark Dubowitz and Mike Doran debated Philip Gordon and Thomas Pickering on whether the Iran deal is good for… more

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