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Thanks to the patronage of our distinguished supporters, what begun with two tables on a stage in New York City has grown into an important alternative to the highly partisan rhetoric of today's information outlets. Civilized debate is a cornerstone of progressive dialogue and an essential aspect of our democracy. Your support, as a financial and intellectual ambassador, makes our success possible and we need your help to continue.


The goal of Intelligence Squared is to create a public forum based on the idea that there are intellectually valid points of view on both sides of even the most contentious issues; to provide an alternative to the emotional and sometimes reflexively ideological elements which dominate much of our public discourse.


When you become one of our distinguished supporters, you'll not only help strengthen these values, you'll also receive:

  • Tickets to the debates
  • Invitations to receptions with panelists
  • Many more exclusive benefits, below


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to 2 debates","2 tickets
to 10 debates","2 tickets
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to 10 debates","6 tickets
to 10 debates"],"cats":"0-6"},{"title":"Free Drink at Pre-Debate Reception","cats":"1-6"},{"title":"VIP Seating","cats":"1-6"},{"title":"Backstage & Dress Rehearsal Tour*","items":["1 invite prior to
1 debate"],"cats":"2-2"},{"title":"Post-Debate Receptions (one fall and two spring; four/series)","items":["1 invite to
1 reception","2 invites to
2 receptions","2 invites to
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IQ2US Series: September - June

Fall Season: September - December

Spring Season: January - June

* Children under 18 years must be accompanied by an adult.