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Steven Rattner
Steven Rattner

Steven Rattner

Chairman & CEO, Willett Advisors LLC

Steven Rattner is the chairman and chief executive officer of Willett Advisors LLC, the investment arm for former New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s personal and philanthropic assets. In addition, he serves as an economic analyst for MSNBC and is a contributing writer to the New York Times op-ed page. Rattner previously served as counselor to the Secretary of the Treasury and led the Obama administration’s successful effort to restructure the automobile industry, which he chronicled in his book, “Overhaul: An Insider’s Account of the Obama Administration’s Emergency Rescue of the Auto Industry.”

More About Steven Rattner

Steven Rattner argues, “As a centrist Democrat, I’m scared to see my party pulled into positions that are both bad politics and dubious policy. And I’m disappointed that few of our party’s moderates are willing to resist the freight train coming at us from the left.”


Tuesday, October 24, 2017
Friday, January 1, 2016

On the Affordable Care Act, Steven Rattner argues, “Some changes — even some alterations favored by Republicans — would make the national health care program work better.”


Thursday, July 13, 2017

After bringing his children to Cuba, Steve Rattner said, “I wanted my children to see firsthand the ineffectiveness of socialism at creating prosperity. And I was eager for them to appreciate that the country’s salvation could be the very system that Fidel Castro decried: capitalism.”


Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Under Trump’s economic policies, Steven Rattner argues, “Measured in relation to the size of our economy, our national debt as a percentage of our economy would grow to 98 percent a decade from now — the highest in our history except during World War II — from the current 77 percent.”


Wednesday, May 24, 2017