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Ban The Tabloid

Ban The Tabloid

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'€œJournalism has always been marked by a battle to define the boundaries of acceptable investigative behavior.'€ '€“ The New York Times

The debate surrounding ethically and legally acceptable reporting in tabloids is not new: 75 years ago, the British House of Commons encouraged news agencies to punish reporters who violated standards of decency in pursuit of a story. Arguably, today'€™s tabloid reporters and paparazzi are more intrusive than ever: stalking celebrities and their children outside of their homes; scaling private walls to capture private moments; even conducting illegal activities, such as News of the World'€™s now infamous wiretapping scandal. When interactions with paparazzi end in physical assault, is the subject to blame, while tabloids simply exercise their right to freedom of the press? Or has our celebrity-obsessed modern society traded basic decency (and intelligence) for entertainment?