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The U.S. Should Step Back From Its Special Relationship With Israel

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Israel believes America'€™s special relationship is vital. It is, certainly, to Israel. But what about for the US? Israel has no oil, enemies in many places, and a tendency to defy Washington when it perceives its own interests to be threatened, which is not infrequently. In a zero sum Middle East, does America'€™s coziness with Israel cost us in good will with Muslim world, including those oil-rich Arab states whose dollar holdings come back to the US in the form of investments and loans, which the US economy needs '€“ especially now? But there'€™s an important connection between the US and Israel '€“ that goes deeper than finance or energy convenience. It'€™s a foundation of mutual loyalty and shared values '€“ democracy being only the most obvious. There has also been a history of shared intelligence, military cooperation, and significant cross-fertilization of scientific knowledge. To sacrifice these connections to improve relations with the Arab world would be an act of betrayal '€” of an ally '€” and of what we say we stand for. Should the US consider putting some distance between itself and Israel? Would such a change in policy serve American interests, or is it a move we would come to regret?

Thursday, April 2, 2009
Carol Migdalovitz
Wednesday, January 20, 2010
Intelligence Squared
Special Relationship
Sunday, June 1, 1997
Mitchell G. Bard and Daniel Pipes
Tuesday, June 23, 2009
Rep. Howard Berman and David Makovsky
Saturday, May 3, 2008
David Frum
Friday, August 11, 2006
William J. Bennett
Step Back
Friday, January 1, 2010
The Gale Group
Tuesday, November 24, 2009
Helena Cobban
Monday, November 2, 2009
Adam Horowitz and Philip Weiss
Wednesday, September 9, 2009
James Traub
Wednesday, October 14, 2009
Stephen Walt
Monday, September 21, 2009
Stephen Walt
Thursday, September 17, 2009
Stephen Walt
Monday, August 3, 2009
Robert D. Kaplan
Tuesday, July 21, 2009
Xan Smiley
Saturday, June 13, 2009
Jacob Weisberg
Wednesday, January 28, 2009
Rahim El Kishky
Monday, January 12, 2009
Aaron David Miller
Thursday, April 24, 2008
Jacob Heilbrunn
Wednesday, August 2, 2006
John Judis
Monday, July 17, 2006
Brookings Institution
Thursday, June 8, 2006
Michael Massing
Obama-Israeli Relations
Thursday, January 7, 2010
The Jerusalem Post
Friday, November 13, 2009
Caroline B. Glick
Monday, August 1, 2016
John Podhoretz
Tuesday, June 16, 2009
Leon de Winter
Friday, May 15, 2009
David Makovsky
Sunday, May 1, 2016
Norman Podhortez
Military Aid
Tuesday, April 20, 2010
Martin S. Indyk and Kenneth M. Pollack
Friday, December 4, 2009
Jeremy M. Sharp
Wednesday, March 4, 2009
Stephen Zunes
Wednesday, February 4, 2009
Ian Williams
Saturday, January 31, 2009
Dave Schechter
Tuesday, March 1, 2016
William Wunderle and Andre Briere
Thursday, January 7, 2010
David Schenker
Sunday, March 16, 2003
Scott B. Lasenksy
Sunday, December 6, 2009
David Ignatius
Sunday, December 6, 2009
Laura Rozen
Tuesday, November 24, 2009
Ariel Ilan Roth
Saturday, August 1, 2009
Elliot Abrams
Tuesday, July 15, 2008
John Bolton
Friday, April 11, 2008
Charles Krauthammer
Nuclear Israel
Thursday, May 14, 2009
Avner Cohen and George Perkovich
Wednesday, January 14, 2004
Amos Elon
Israeli Concerns
Tuesday, March 1, 2016
Michael Herzog
Sunday, May 1, 2016
Michael B. Oren
Peace Talks
Tuesday, February 2, 2010
Associated Press
Tuesday, February 2, 2010
Michel Abu Najm
Friday, January 15, 2010
David Makovsky
Friday, January 8, 2010
Hilary Leila Kreiger and Khaled Abu Toameh
Friday, January 1, 2016
Evelyn Gordon
Thursday, December 3, 2009
Robert Malley and Hussein Agha
Sunday, September 20, 2009
Stephen Walt
Monday, February 1, 2016
Walter Russell Mead
Thursday, October 23, 2003
Tony Judt
Monday, April 6, 2009
Seymour M. Hersh
Monday, January 25, 2010
Isabel Kershner
Thursday, December 17, 2009
Gershom Gorenberg
Thursday, December 1, 2016
David M. Phillips
Tuesday, November 17, 2009
Ori Lewis
Tuesday, November 3, 2009
Jay Solomon
Friday, July 24, 2009
Mackubin Thomas Owens
Thursday, June 25, 2009
Ronit Avni
Friday, June 5, 2009
Ethan Bronner
Thursday, June 4, 2009
David Ignatius
Human Rights
Thursday, May 15, 2008
Center for Public Leadership
Wednesday, December 31, 1969
Mitchell G. Bard
Thursday, December 24, 2009
Isabel Kershner
Friday, December 4, 2009
Gershom Gorenberg
Monday, October 19, 2009
Adam Horowitz and Philip Weiss
Friday, January 2, 2009
Charles Krauthammer
Goldstone Report
Friday, November 6, 2009
Moshe Halbertal
Saban Forum
Tuesday, March 1, 2016
Martin S. Indyk