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  • Monday, December 7th 2020
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    12:00 - 01:30 PM EST

    Governments around the world have spent unprecedented sums — trillions of dollars — to combat the economic impacts of coronavirus. In the United States alone, the national deficit surpassed $3 trillion this year. That’s three times larger than in 2019 and some $2 trillion more than the White House projected back in February. But just what does rising government debt mean for our future? A new crop of economists – adherents to Modern Monetary Theory – have a bold proposition: Don't worry about it. In a modern economy, they argue, deficits are no bogeyman.

    James Galbraith
    Professor of Public Affairs & Former Executive Director, Congressional Joint Economic Committee
    Stephanie Kelton
    Economist & Author, "The Deficit Myth"
    Todd Buchholz
    Former White House Director of Economic Policy & Author, "The Price of Prosperity"
    Otmar Issing
    Former Chief Economist, European Central Bank
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