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  • The Transatlantic Relationship Is Irreparably Damaged

    Avenue Louise 71
    Friday, June 28th 2019
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    12:00 - 01:15 PM EST

    The transatlantic relationship has been a hallmark of the liberal international order for decades and, for some, a cornerstone of global peace and stability. But with the rise of global populism and nationalist leaders in Europe and the United States, experts around the world are sounding the alarm and warning that this historic bond is on shaky ground. Will transatlantic ties remain strong in the decades to come? Or is this relationship beyond repair?

    Federiga Bindi
    Professor, University of Rome Tor Vergata
    Constanze Stelzenmüller
    Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution
    John J. Mearsheimer
    American Political Scientist & Professor, University of Chicago
    Carla Norrlof
    Professor, University of Toronto