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  • Wednesday, June 3rd 2020
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    06:00 - 07:15 PM EST

    How might coronavirus reshape geopolitics? For some, the answer is clear: China is on the rise. While Washington embraces “America First,” they argue, Beijing is stepping up to provide material assistance to struggling nations and convening global leaders. But others see a global future where China’s standing is diminished, not bolstered. They look to China’s lack of transparency around the outbreak, stringent domestic lockdown policies, and economic slowdown. 

    Kurt M. Campbell
    CEO, The Asia Group & Former Diplomat
    Kishore Mahbubani
    Former President, UN Security Council & Author, "Has China Won?"
    Minxin Pei
    Scholar & Author, "China's Crony Capitalism"
    Susan Thornton
    Senior Fellow, Yale's Paul Tsai China Center & Former Diplomat