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  • Florence Gould Hall
    55 East 59th Street
    10022 New York , NY
    United States
    New York US
    Thursday, February 27th 2020
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    07:00 - 08:45 PM EST

    Zionism, or the belief in the Jewish right to self-determination in the land of Israel, has been the topic of contentious global debate for decades. And while the United States government is making moves to strengthen its special relationship with Israel, such as relocating the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, scrutiny of Israel and its government looms large in American politics. Is it possible to distinguish anti-Zionism from anti-Semitism?

    Bret Stephens
    Op-Ed Columnist, New York Times
    Einat Wilf
    Former Member, Israeli Parliament
    Peter Beinart
    Journalist & Author, “The Crisis of Zionism”
    Yousef Munayyer
    Executive Director, US Campaign for Palestinian Rights
  • The Maximum Pressure Campaign Against Iran Is Working

    435 Lasuen Mall Hauck Auditorium
    94305 Stanford , CA
    United States
    California US
    Wednesday, March 4th 2020
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    06:30 - 08:00 PM EST

    The targeted killing of General Qassim Suleimani sent shockwaves around the world and sparked staunch debate about the Trump administration's "maximum pressure" campaign. Supporters argue that this strategy, which includes leaving the JCPOA and imposing harsh economic sanctions, will safeguard American interests, quell Tehran's human rights abuses, and halt the state's support of terrorist networks. But opponents see "maximum pressure" as dangerously misguided. They argue that abandoning the hard-fought JCPOA and undermining the Iranian economy has promoted violence, isolated allies, and fueled anti-American sentiment. Is the maximum pressure campaign against Iran working? 

    Victor Davis Hanson
    Military Historian & Author, “The Case for Trump”
    H.R. McMaster
    Retired Lieutenant General, U.S. Army & Former National Security Advisor
    Martha Crenshaw
    Terrorism Studies Expert & Author, “Explaining Terrorism”
    Abbas Milani
    Iran Scholar & Co-Director, Iran Democracy Project
  • Forgive Student Debt

    Florence Gould Hall
    55 East 59th Street
    10022 New York , NY
    United States
    New York US
    Wednesday, March 11th 2020
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    07:00 - 08:45 PM EST

    Facing growing discontent over the rising cost of higher education, many prominent Democrats – and some Republicans – are calling on Washington to cancel the approximately $1.6 trillion Americans currently owe in student loan debt. Supporters see debt forgiveness as a necessary step to safeguarding the nation’s financial future and combating inequality in the education system. But others argue that this blanket policy would balloon the federal deficit, reward irresponsible borrowers, and waste taxpayer money on those who are not actually in need. Is it time for a student loan bailout? 

    Mehrsa Baradaran
    Professor of Law & Author, “The Color of Money”
    Caitlin Zaloom
    Cultural Anthropologist & Author, “Indebted”
    Beth Akers
    Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute & Author, "Game of Loans"
    Editor-at-Large, Reason
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