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July 25, 2020

Agree to Disagree: Broadband for All?

From virtual classes to digital happy hours with friends, the pandemic is transforming the way we live, work, and study. But as Americans become increasingly reliant on the internet, we ask: Just who should ensure you have the connection you need? And how might communities go about bridging the increasingly talked-about digital divide? In this episode of our new series "Agree to Disagree," we bring two of the nation's leading communications law experts together to discuss what broadband looks like in the United States, if the internet should be treated as a public utility, and whether government -- or the free market -- is better suited to keep us connected.

We Should Defund the Police
Winner: Yes
Yes: +2.37%
No: -2.37%
Police Unions Do More Harm than Good
Winner: Yes
Yes: +3.94%
No: -3.94%
The Police Have Become too Militarized
Winner: No
Yes: -2.36%
No: +2.36%
Gigi Sohn
Gigi Sohn - Distinguished Fellow, Georgetown Law Institute for Technology Law & Policy
Gigi Sohn is a leading public advocate for open, affordable, and democratic communications network... read bio
Christopher Yoo
Christopher Yoo - Professor, University of Pennsylvania Law School
Christopher Yoo is one of the nation's top authorities on law and technology. His research focuses... read bio