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Josh Swanstrom
13 June 2022 - 00:40 AM
I have always said that we are ultimately ruled by 9 justices and the other two branches only exist to keep their work load manageable. We have existed like this…
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9 May 2022 - 10:57 AM
Here is my question for professor Ziegler and Isgur. The leaked draft insists that the decision is only applicable to abortion, but can you see similar arguments working for other…
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May 10, 2022

Agree to Disagree: Is It Right to End Roe?

The Supreme Court is poised to make a decision so controversial that even a leaked draft majority opinion can send shockwaves across the nation. In 98-pages, Justice Alito decried Roe v. Wade as “egregiously wrong from the start," declared no right to abortion can be found in the Constitution, and sent abortion laws back to the states — about half of which have "trigger laws" that will ban abortion almost immediately upon Roe's demise. Exactly how likely is this draft opinion to become the law of the land? What would overturning such a landmark ruling mean for the Court as an institution? And are the Justices ultimately correct in holding that Roe was simply wrong? Against the backdrop of divisive media coverage and partisan sensationalism one of the nation's most polarizing topics, we're doing what we do best: In this Intelligence Squared "pop-up" debate, we bring two of the nation's most esteemed legal scholars to the table for a civil, thoughtful debate on the merits of whether it’s right to end Roe.

We Should Defund the Police
Winner: Yes
Yes: +2.37%
No: -2.37%
Police Unions Do More Harm than Good
Winner: Yes
Yes: +3.94%
No: -3.94%
The Police Have Become too Militarized
Winner: No
Yes: -2.36%
No: +2.36%
Sarah Isgur
Sarah Isgur - Attorney & Legal Commentator
Sarah Isgur is an attorney, political strategist, and former spokesperson for the Department of Just... read bio
Mary Ziegler
Mary Ziegler - Legal Scholar & Historian
Mary Ziegler is an expert on the law, history, and politics of reproduction, health care, and conser... read bio