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What’s Your IQ2?

The Intelligence Squared U.S. IQ2 Score is a new and improved take on the classic IQ score.  Measure your debate aptitude, involvement and quality of contributions – and distinguish your persuasiveness along the way.  Central to increasing your score is civility. As a civic engagement tool, the IQ2 score exists to incentivize participation and demote trolls. 

How do I increase my score?

Your IQ2 Score starts building the minute you create your profile.  Increase and develop your score with every debate that you join, ever vote that you cast, and every user you engage with on the website. Actionable rewards include: voting, watching debates, listening to podcasts, engaging in discussions (comments and replies), following other users, flagging inappropriate comments, tagging content, and more.

As you watch, listen, learn and engage with other members, your score will improve.

Plus, as your IQ2 score increases, so does your rank as a contributor in our comments feed. Users with high IQ2 scores are eligible to access exclusive content and will be invited to curate content online.

What are boosts, and how do I use them?

Your score can be increased with “boosts” from other members that endorse your comments.  The more active you are, the more boosts you earn! Boosts will be awarded each day and expire after 24 hours, so you should use them to recognize other quality contributions from fellow debate enthusiasts.

How does the score break down?

As you build your score, new badges will be rewarded on the following scale:

Mastermind: 200
Influencer: 150 & Above
Authority: 120 to 150
Persuasive: 100 to 120
Credible: 70 to 100
Astute: 40 to 70
Novice: 40 & Under

How can I track my progress?

Under “My Profile,” your Activity Feed tracks every action and point that you receive.  You can also connect with other users, follow interesting debaters and more from your Activity Feed.