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Break Out of the Vortex With these 5 Debates

Monday, March 30, 2020

Need something to break the endless loop of news and Netflix? 

After you've binge-watched “Tiger King” and finished scrolling through your Twitter feed yet again (sigh), dive into these thought-provoking debates. They’ll not only help you pass the time, they might even change your mind.  

An added bonus: Now is the perfect time to raise your IQ2 score by voting and commenting online. 

Let the debates begin!  

Parenting Is Overrated

If you’re stressing over how to be the perfect parent to your now homeschooled children, two of our debaters can offer some solace. They say your parenting style doesn’t really matter anyway. Four leading experts in child psychology and genetics take on the “nature versus nurture” question in this timeless debate.  


Don't Bring Extinct Creatures Back to Life

If you need a break from current events, how about a look back to prehistoric times? Geneticists are currently attempting to resurrect the woolly mammoth, in part to combat climate change. But others accuse these scientists of playing God without understanding the possibly dire consequences. 


All Hail the Driverless Car!
Driverless cars promise safer, cheaper, and more sustainable transportation. But critics raise concerns about automation hurting workers and machines making unethical decisions. Is it time to socially distance ourselves from our steering wheels?  


Video Games Will Make Us Smarter

If you can’t be outside in the real world, should you escape to a virtual one? While some say that video games drain your brain and foster anti-social behavior, others argue that gaming builds problem-solving skills. Game on?   


The More We Evolve, The Less We Need God

Can religion bring comfort and moral guidance? Or does faith divide society and contradict reason? Contemplate the intersection of spirituality and evolution with the help of Deepak Chopra and Michael Shermer. 


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