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How To Fix America’s Presidential Debates

How To Fix America’s Presidential Debates

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Americans deserve better than the current presidential debate format.

Gotcha questions. Personal attacks. Uninformative soundbites. Rehearsed remarks. Have you had enough of what passes for “debate” in this country?

For the 2016 general election, the presidential candidates and the nonprofit that oversees the format, the Commission on Presidential Debates, ought to adopt Oxford-style debate — a proven format that would better demonstrate the candidates’ platforms, ideas, and interactions.

Unable to rely solely on personal attacks and personality, an Oxford-style debate would force the candidates to respond to intense questions, marshal relevant facts, and expose weaknesses in their opponent's arguments. In 2016, a debate like this would be a game changer. Plus, we know it works!

By showing voters who the candidates are, how they think, and what they can teach us about difficult policy choices, a series of meaningful debates would foster an informed electorate and a thriving democracy.

With so much at stake this election, it’s imperative that we fix the upcoming presidential debates.

Let’s have a REAL debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Sign our petition to make it happen.

With sincere thanks,
The IQ2US Team



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