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Beyonce & Jay Z Go Vegan (Healthy Hollywood)

Beyonce & Jay Z Go Vegan (Healthy Hollywood)

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Now, with the superstar couple blogging and talking about their vegan journey, the debate over whether it'€™s healthier to eat meat or not is sure to heat up.

So, it couldn'€™t have been more timely for Healthy Hollywood to attend Intelligence Squared U.S. debates here in New York City last night. The water-cooler topic of the night was [of course] '€œshould we eat anything with a face?'€

On the no-meat side sat vegan guru and author Dr. Neal Barnard (a personal favorite) and Gene Bauer, who promotes animal compassion. Their opponents were Joel Salatin, a grass-fed meat farmer and Chris Masterjohn, who is a pro-meat advocate. The two sides lively debated their opinions in front of a live audience. The program is also broadcast on NPR.

It was certainly an intellectual crowd, not the typical the star attractions I am used to. But, it was interesting to hear the pro-plant folks highlight all the health benefits of a no-meat diet, while the meat-eaters argued a plant-based diet leaves you nutritionally deficient and at more risk for mental health issues (say what? to that point!).