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Finally, a GMO Debate Without Shouting

Finally, a GMO Debate Without Shouting

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When I heard that Intelligence Squared U.S. '€” which stages high-profile, Oxford-style debates '€” was going to take on genetically modified foods, I sighed, deleted the notification, and then forgot about it.

Debates on this issue don'€™t work very well. They tend to devolve into loud repetition of tribal mantras. This doesn'€™t beget a civil discussion that allows the audience to see both sides deconstruct or defend their talking points. It'€™s usually about as enlightening as listening to two groups of howler monkeys defending their turf. (Howler monkeys are sometimes called the loudest animal in the world, but I'€™m pretty sure that we are.)

Nonetheless, I tuned in for part of this debate last night and was wonderfully surprised.