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Intelligence Squared U.S.'s Talking Heads

Intelligence Squared U.S.'s Talking Heads

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Intelligence Squared U.S. takes its civic duty with more gravitas. The idea is that American attitudes have grown more entrenched and insular thanks to the Internet and to TVs with more than three channels. '€œWe want to help people understand the facts behind the emotion,'€ Rosenkranz explained to an interviewer when the show launched. '€œForce people to have a greater respect for civil discourse, not trying to be bland, but appreciating how complicated the issues are.'€ The result lacks some of the gladiatorial fun of its British cousin. Host John Donvan, a former foreign and White House correspondent for ABC News, is an interventionist moderator who treats the debate more like a multi-person interview, interjecting questions, shushing the dominant, and congratulating guests at the end on their integrity.