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IQ2US NY Emmy Nomination

IQ2US NY Emmy Nomination

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New York, NY '€“ Wednesday, February 6, 2013. The 56th Annual New York Emmy® Award nominations took place this morning at the studios of CUNY-TV.

Al Trautwig. October 4, 2011. (MSG Network).
Al Trautwig. December 23, 2011. (MSG Network). '€œMSGs Vault.'€
John Donvan. October 15, 2011. (Thirteen/WNET). '€œIntelligence Squared U.S. Debate Series.'€
Laura Savini. July 15, 2012. (WPIX-TV). '€œMeet the Artist: Milos.'€
Michael Kay. September 22, 2011. (YES Network). '€œCenterStage.'€
Paula Zahn. April 26, 2012. (Thirteen/WNET). '€œNYC-Arts.'€