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SMART TALK: By Liz Smith

SMART TALK: By Liz Smith

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N.Y.C. businessman and philanthropist Robert Rosenkranz is bringing the lively British debate "Intelligence Squared" to the states this fall. As in London, where the show attracts curious, on-the-ball ordinary folks and celebs with more on their minds than we give them credit for, the series will present the hot political, cultural and social issues of the day in an Oxford-style, three-on-three debate. "Intelligence Squared U.S.A." begins at New York's Asia Society and Museum this September with this subject up for discussion: "We Must Tolerate a Nuclear Iran." Visit for more information or to purchase tickets. This is the sort of thing that should be on TV, to remind people numbed by the current "shout-downs" that pass for debate and discussion that there is another way to make a point.