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Press Releases

Press Releases

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IQ2US Press Release
30 August 2017

Is Trump making China great again? Can the U.S. and China strike a deal to contain North Korea? Intelligence Squared U.S. kicks off its fall season of debates on Wednesday, September 13 by examining urgent U.S.-China policy questions against the backdrop of breaking news and rising tensions. In an innovative new format, the event will be staged the same week as the United Nations General Assembly and will be divided into two sections.

IQ2US Press Release
22 August 2017

Intelligence Squared U.S. (IQ2US) is co-sponsoring the First Democratic Mayoral Primary Election Debate, hosted by the New York City Campaign Finance Board and sponsored by NY1, on Wednesday, August 23 at Symphony Space. For the first time ever, the debate will incorporate the traditional Oxford debate format in a ten-minute segment called the "Intelligence Squared Round." During this round, candidates Sal Albanese and Bill de Blasio will debate "for" and "against" a stated motion not revealed in advance, using facts and reason to prove their arguments and disprove their opponent's.

IQ2US Press Release
16 November 2016

Since the nation's founders first drafted the Constitution, America has never held a constitutional convention. But some are saying the time has come. In recent years, politicians on both sides of the aisle have called for a wide variety of amendments. For instance, some progressive thinkers want an amendment to overturn Citizens United while others want an amendment to force a balanced national budget. A convention would allow debate on this array of potential amendments all at once.

IQ2US Press Release
1 November 2016

For many, President Obama's foreign policy will be defined by its accomplishments: killing Osama bin Laden, disengaging from unwinnable fights in the Middle East, defusing the threat of a nuclear Iran, and refocusing our attention and resources to Asia. But for others, it has been marked by what they see as missteps and retreat: pulling back where action and leadership was needed and presiding over policies that strengthened our adversaries and disheartened our friends. As his time in office comes to a close, has Obama's foreign policy succeeded?

IQ2US Press Release
24 October 2016

The practice of gerrymandering--dividing election districts in ways that favor a particular group--has been around since our nation's founding. But does it make districts "safe" for one party or the other, in turn, pulling Democrats and Republicans to extremes, or has its impact been overblown? It's been in the spotlight recently with the Supreme Court putting two gerrymandering cases on its docket this term, and news that President Obama will take up redistricting reform as a post-presidency priority. And on Monday, November 14th, Intelligence Squared U.S.

IQ2US Press Release
28 September 2016

In this election, no single issue has been more divisive than immigration. Donald Trump has at times called for deporting all 11 million undocumented immigrants, while Hillary Clinton supports giving some the opportunity to become citizens. But beneath the heated campaign rhetoric, the question of whether to create a path to citizenship is complex and nuanced. Do undocumented immigrants contribute to the economy and complement our workforce, or do they burden taxpayers and create competition for jobs?

IQ2US Press Release
19 September 2016

On average, drug price increases are 6 times the rate of inflation and just in the past month, the makers of the EpiPen have come under heavy criticism for a recent hefty price increase. But how much is the pharmaceutical industry really to blame? Is the industry fleecing American consumers, or are steep drug prices a necessary by-product of an expensive research and approval process that yields life saving prescription drug interventions? On Thursday, October 13, America's premiere debate series Intelligence Squared U.S.

IQ2US Press Release
30 August 2016

This election cycle has seen large swaths of the electorate reject political and media establishment wisdom by backing the campaigns of outsider candidates--the most surprising result being the candidacy of Donald Trump. How did a businessman turned reality TV personality, with no political experience, capture the Republican ticket? Could it be the fault of the "elites" for pursuing policies that have failed to help the struggling working class? Or is this rise in populism the result of misplaced anger and extreme political polarization?

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