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4 December 2019

Intelligence Squared U.S. Board Chairman Robert Rosenkranz announced today the hire of Clea Conner Chang to be the veteran nonprofit debate organization's first-ever Chief Executive Officer, a newly created role.


10 October 2019

Recent polls show that two out of three Americans support capitalism. But some Americans are starting to consider socialism as a viable economic and political model. Supporters of capitalism claim that no other system has been as effective in creating value, increasing prosperity, and producing the wealth that has lifted billions of people out of poverty.

25 September 2019

European regulators are taking on American technology companies like Apple, Facebook, and Google in a big way. Regulations like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), regulators say, will give power back to tech consumers by protecting their data and will restore faith in tech companies. But not everyone agrees.

19 September 2019

What shapes us more: our DNA, or the way we're raised? This debate, commonly recognized as "nature versus nurture," has long drawn disagreement. Some new genetic research suggests that the scale may be tipping toward biology - but not all trust that research. The answer could affect how parents should raise their children.

31 May 2018

Universities and students have come under attack in recent years for promoting the concept of "safe spaces." Proponents of the idea argue that safe spaces promise a reprieve from bigotry and oppression by allowing students of all backgrounds the opportunity to express themselves freely. But to their critics, safe spaces pose a dire threat to free speech.

3 April 2018

Less than a decade old, the pioneering cryptocurrency Bitcoin is already worth billions. But some contend it could easily collapse -- vulnerable to hacks, wild volatility, or simply waning market enthusiasm. Is Bitcoin a bubble waiting to pop?

29 March 2018

The Federal Communications Commission's recent decision to end net neutrality regulations has fueled a national debate about the future of the internet. On Tuesday, April 17 - the week before the FCC's decision takes effect - the "fantastic" (New Yorker) debate series Intelligence Squared U.S.

26 March 2018

Congratulations to Intelligence Squared U.S. (IQ2US) Chief Operating Officer Clea Chang on her inclusion in Crain's New York Business's 2018 "40 Under 40" list. She was included alongside other honorees like Michael Barbaro (NY Times' "The Daily" host) and Amber Ruffin ('Late Night With Seth Meyers' writer).

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