The Takeaway

25 February 2016

The Takeaway

The five reaming Republican candidates will debate tonight in Houston. The debates have draw big ratings wins for news organizations’13.5 million people watched the last GOP debate on CBS two weeks ago.

For the news networks, the debates have become sporting events, with a national anthem, a highly produced introduction with photos and soundbites from the candidates, and then there’s the post debate analysis where pundits pick the winners and losers.

It may be great television for political junkies, but what do people learn from these debates? Is it even possible to learn about a candidates policies in a 60 second statement and a 30 second rebuttal?

Robert Rosenkranz, the founder and chairman of the debate series Intelligence Squared U.S., and John Donvan, ABC News correspondent and moderator for Intelligence Squared, say an Oxford-style debate would offer a better solution for voters and viewers.

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