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New Features


Expanded Debate Content

·         Watch full-length videos, debate chapters, clips and 2-minute debates
·         Listen to edited and unedited podcasts
·         Access research briefs presented to the debater and moderator
·         New pros and cons summarize key arguments for every debate
·         Instantly reference video timecode in your comments


Voting Functionality

Channel your inner wonk with alluvial diagrams that visualize voting trends.

·         Participate online exactly as our live audience does! Now you can cast a pre- and post-debate vote to determine if the debate changed your mind.
·         New “Breakdown” feature visualizes voting data and shifts of opinion with alluvial diagrams
·         Why did you vote the same way twice, or change your mind? Tell us. Guided comments keep debate related conversations on track



Member Dashboard

Join our community of open-minded debate enthusiasts and participate in debates.

·         Build your profile to track the progress of your favorite debates
·         Cast your vote before and after each debate, and participate in debate forums
·         Build and track your IQ2 Score
·         Who will you debate with? Track comments, boosts and replies
·         Get instant updates on new debates and updated content
·         Access exclusive debate content as debates change over time



IQ2 Score

A new and improved take on the classic IQ score.  Measure your debate aptitude, involvement and quality of contributions, and distinguish your debate prowess along the way.

·         Increase and develop your score with every debate that you join
·         As you watch, listen, learn and engage with other members, your score will improve
·         Your score can be increased with “boosts” from other members that endorse your comments
·         As your IQ2 score increases, so does your rank as a contributor in our comments section
·         Users with high IQ2 scores are eligible to access exclusive content and curate content online



Briefing Room

Access identical “briefs” we deliver to our moderator and debaters in advance of every debate

·         Get primed on the players, stats and studies that define each debate
·         Read arguments, research, polls and more from both sides to prep for the debate
·         Study opinion from each debate team for a preview of the arguments



Podcasts & IQ2TV Video Library

Our award-winning radio show, podcast and video content is now available at your fingertips.

·         Easily Stream and download all edited and unedited podcasts in one place
·         Access 600+ debate videos, clips, 2-minute debates and TV broadcasts in our video library
·         Explore our video player that features timestamps linked to comments, integrated transcripts, chapters and more


Interactive Transcripts

Navigate debate video and text simultaneously with auto-scrolling transcripts.

·         Watch full debates with automatic scrolling and synchronized transcripts
·         Transcript timecode links within each video to enable video navigation
·         Coming soon: annotated transcripts with links and commentary to fact-check claims



Expanded Search

With more than 120 debates and 500 debaters, we’ve redesigned navigation and functionality to make finding what you need faster and more efficient.

·         Categorical search and filters make searching debate content easy
·         Filter by topic and sort by activity: comments, views or latest additions
·         Search each section independently, from debaters to press and podcasts