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Through a series of intellectually charged debates, Intelligence Squared U.S. brings ideas from across the political spectrum to millions of listeners on public radio, podcasts, and digital platforms. We do this – free of charge – because we believe a true democracy requires balanced debate on the issues we all face as a nation. With the support of our members, we’ve hosted more than 500 leading thinkers, debated more than 140 topics, and built a widespread community of open-minded and intellectually curious listeners who prove that the demand for reasoned debate is not lost on the American public. But we know there’s more to be done.


When you become a Friend of Intelligence Squared U.S., you will join a community of social and intellectual leaders that truly value the free exchange of ideas. Further, you will enjoy exclusive membership benefits, including:

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to 10 debates","6 tickets
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IQ2US Series: September - June

Fall Season: September - December

Spring Season: January - June

* Children under 18 years must be accompanied by an adult.