Intelligence Squared U.S. energy and environment debates shine a critical light on the most pressing issues spurred by climate change and 21st century environmental priorities, including clean energy, fracking, organic and genetically modified foods. With contributions from top scientists, policy developers, and industry leaders, including Van Jones, Bill Ritter, Michael Crichton, Gavin Schmidt, and Sue Tierney, IQ2US brings an array of diverse perspectives to a nuanced, and still much debatable, aspect of American and global policy.

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For decades, the development of nuclear power has sparked staunch debate among scientists, politicians, and activists alike. Proponents claim that nuclear energy is the most effective way to combat climate change while still meeting the world’s growing demand for energy. But its critics argue that expanding nuclear energy is dangerous,…
Solar geoengineering, an ambitious set of experiments that aim to reduce the amount of sun and heat that reaches the planet, has gained momentum in recent years. But just what are the risks – and possible rewards – of using techniques like injecting reflective particles into the stratosphere to decrease…

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