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Hunters Conserve Wildlife

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  • Funding Wildlife Conservation with Hunting Money

    Clip: Are the monies raised from sport hunting a valuable resource to fund conservation of wildlife?

  • How Hunting Impacts Lion Populations

    Clip: Catherine Semcer and Adam Roberts disagree over whether hunting of lions in Africa is beneficial or detrimental to their populations.

  • Volley Round: Wildlife Would Be Worse Off if Legal Hunting Did Not Exist

    Clip: Each debater in turn addresses the idea that wildlife would be worse off without legal hunting.

  • 2-Minute Debate: Hunters Conserve Wildlife

    Do hunters conserve wildlife? This debate short is part of a series co-produced by Intelligence Squared U.S. and Newsy.

Debate Details

In 2014, a permit to hunt a single endangered black rhino was sold for $350,000… as part of a program to support its conservation in Namibia. Counterintuitive? Through funds raised from legal hunting—the purchase of permits in Africa, licenses and taxes here in the U.S.—, hunters contribute significantly to wildlife conservation efforts. Hunting has also become an important tool in the effort to control animal populations, to the benefit of humans and wildlife alike. But are big-game revenues really benefiting conservation and local communities? And is hunting a humane way to maintain equilibrium and habitats, or are there better alternatives?

The Debaters

For the motion

Anthony Licata

Editor-in-Chief, Field & Stream

Anthony Licata is the editor-in-chief of Field & Stream, America'€™s largest outdoor sports magazine brand, with an audience of over 9 million... Read More

Catherine Semcer

COO, Humanitarian Operations Protecting Elephants

Catherine E. Semcer is a dedicated conservationist and experienced non-profit leader. As the COO of Humanitarian Operations Protecting Elephants (H... Read More

Against the motion

Wayne Pacelle

CEO & President, The Humane Society of the United States

Wayne Pacelle is president and CEO of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), named by Forbes as one of the largest charities in the U.S,... Read More

Adam M. Roberts

CEO, Born Free USA & Born Free Foundation

Adam M. Roberts, based in Washington, D.C., is the CEO of Born Free USA and Born Free Foundation. He helped launch Born Free USA in 2002 to bring... Read More

Where Do You Stand?

For The Motion
  • Revenues from hunting fund conservation efforts, both within the U.S. and abroad, going toward wildlife refuge programs and preserving national, state, and private lands.
  • Regulated hunting helps maintain healthy animal populations, preventing overcrowding, resource depletion, and the spread of disease.
  • The sport of hunting promotes active engagement with nature and ensures humans are invested in preserving wildlife and lands.
  • Regulatory agencies and industries created around hunting are critical to combating poaching and illegal depletion of animal populations.
Against The Motion
  • Hunting alters the natural composition of animal herds and, even when population sizes are maintained, negatively impacts their long-term survival.
  • The global market around trophy hunting is often corrupt and funds raised from hunters are often misappropriated.
  • Domestic and international regulatory agencies that oversee hunters are often pressured to set quotas based on industry demands rather than animal well-being.
  • Endangered animals are already at risk of extinction by poachers and natural predators; legalized hunting exacerbates the problem.

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The Research

The Research

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