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Science Refutes God

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  • Human Brain Not God Produces All Religious Experience

    Clip: Michael Shermer argues that perceived spiritual experiences do actually exist, but asserts that they aren't miraculous acts of God. Shermer believes that the human brain is the origin of religious experiences.

  • Does Religion or Science Create Human Morality?

    Clip: The debaters argue whether it is religion or science that is the source of human morality.

  • Actress Andie MacDowell: Can Science Create Life?

    Clip: Actress Andie MacDowell questions whether science can explain the existence of organic life like the orchid. MacDowell further asks whether science has the capability of creating the living orchid.

  • D'Souza: Science Can't Answer Key Questions About Life

    Clip: Author Dinesh D'Souza asserts that science cannot refute God because it cannot answer life's greatest questions regarding existence and death.

  • Can You Be a Scientist and Believe in God?

    Clip: Debaters argue the motion "Science Refutes God ."

Debate Details

On the fundamental question--evolution or creation?--Americans are on the fence. According to one survey, while 61% of Americans believe we have evolved over time, 22% believe this evolution was guided by a higher power, with another 31% on the side of creationism. For some, modern science debunks many of religion's core beliefs, but for others, questions like "Why are we here?" and "How did it all come about?" can only be answered through a belief in the existence of God. Can science and religion co-exist?

The Debaters

For the motion

Lawrence Krauss

Director, Origins Project and Foundation Professor at ASU

Lawrence Krauss is an internationally known theoretical physicist. He is the Director of the Origins Project and Professor of Physics at the School... Read More

Michael Shermer

Founder, The Skeptics Society & Best-Selling Author

Michael Shermer is the publisher of Skeptic magazine, a monthly columnist for Scientific American, and a Presidential Fellow at Chapman University... Read More

Against the motion

Ian Hutchinson

Professor of Nuclear Science and Engineering, MIT

Ian Hutchinson is a physicist and Professor of Nuclear Science and Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He and his research... Read More

Dinesh D'Souza

Author, What's So Great About Christianity

A New York Times bestselling author, Dinesh D’Souza, has had a distinguished 25-year career as a writer, scholar and intellectual. A former Policy... Read More

Where Do You Stand?

For The Motion
  • Why does there have to be an entity to explain the universe? To say that God created the universe doesn't explain anything—it's simply a placeholder that could be filled with any number of things.
  • Darwin's theory of evolution disproves the story of creation in the book of Genesis. We can see from evidence around us that the world is a Darwinian place where death and disease are constantly present and chaos seems to rule. This goes against the teaching of the world as a creation of a completely benevolent and all-powerful God. Either God is not all good, or not powerful enough stop these forces.
  • A belief in miracles goes against the facts and spirit of science.
  • We know that religions are man-made because they are culturally bound. They have evolved as a mechanism for social cohesion. If Religion is supposed to reveal "universal truths," why do they all assert conflicting "truths," i.e., there is no salvation except through Christ, Jews are God's "chosen people," Mohammed is God's one true messenger, etc.?
Against The Motion
  • The existence of God is outside the realm of science. Science exists within the boundaries of time and space, within God's creation and God's plan.
  • God, as the infinite "transcendent other" can never be fully comprehended by a finite individual.
  • The idea that religion is antithetical to science is absurd. Evolution asserts that God made the universe and created life—it does not say how. It is perfectly compatible with science.
  • Miracles are inherently one-off events; science is incapable of investigating them.
  • For science to refute religion, it needs to come up with something better, and it hasn't. Science cannot disprove the existence of God, life after death, and a soul.

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The Research

The Research

The Great Debate: Has Science Refuted Religion?

Sean Carroll
March 27, 2012

Carroll, Shermer, D'Souza and Hutchinson go head-to-head over science and religion at CalTech.

Why This Scientist Believes in God

Francis Collins
April 3, 2007

I am a scientist and a believer, and I find no conflict between those world views.

Does Science Make Belief in God Obsolete? No, But It Should

Christopher Hitchens
December 31, 1969

The original problem with religion is that it is our first, and our worst, attempt at explanation.

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