1 November 2016

Caroline Hoffman and Kimberly Anastos

As the pressures to justify drug pricing both in the U.S. and beyond increase, biopharmaceutical companies and the pharma industry at large must be prepared for open, transparent and two-way public dialogue. A recent debate hosted in New York City by the non-profit organization Intelligence Squared US (IQ2US), featured both sides of the argument – with debate participants leveling points against industry pricing and counter points on why the backlash against the industry lacks full and accurate context.

Below are key takeaways from the IQ2US debate and the speakers’ perspectives on the question: “has ‘big pharma’ delivered drugs that reduce the need for costly surgeries, which extend life and improve its quality, or do they deserve the blame that has been leveled against them?” The full debate is also available for view here.

The Motion: Blame big pharma for out-of-control health care costs

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